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Whispers and rumors of verbal and physical abuse by Susun Weed have circulated quietly in the herbal community for years. Recently, a police report documenting the alleged choking of a student, led to a flood of first-hand accounts of abuse by Susun.

This website is an attempt to make sure the victims stories aren’t forgotten, and hopefully will deter continued abuse.

The original report of choking that set things off

“Obstruction of breathing: Susan Weed, 72, of 416 Fishcreek Road, Saugerties, was arrested by Saugerties police at police headquarters at 4:39 p.m. Thursday and charged with the misdemeanor of obstruction of breathing and blood circulation. Weed was allegedly having dinner with the victim when she became upset because the victim, who was placing lettuce in a plastic bag while cleaning up after dinner, did not leave enough air in the bag and was “choking” the lettuce, according to a press release. Weed placed both of her hands around the victim’s neck and applied pressure, obstructing her airway for several seconds, police said. Weed turned herself in at police headquarters and was processed and released with an appearance ticket for Saugerties Town Court. An order of protection was issued on behalf of the victim.”
"Many years ago I paid over 2k to go to her farm and be her apprentice. She ended up beating me many times over the head and back then throwing me into her stove after I was doing the dishes 'wrong'! I was so mentally abused by her that I stayed for a few days after thinking I somehow deserved it. I then escaped with another apprentice. After the incident I filed formal charges against her and then won in court and she was charged with assault. I did not receive my money back. I have met many other people who have been abused by her even a former teacher there who told me of other horrors she witnessed." More
"The reports of Susun's behavior as abusive are true. It is not that "Susun yells a lot", it is that Susun Weed employs classic abusive techniques to break down women and then try to build them back up: screaming, insulting, creating high stress situations with impossible standards, intermittent positive reinforcement." More

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